Since the birth of the internet in the 80’s people and business owners alike, have searched for ways to improve their online visibility and increase leads, sales and advertising income. One of the most popular online marketing tactics has been search marketing. Being visible to potential customers who are specifically searching for your products and services is one of the highest converting advertising options on the market.

This is where big companies like Google have grown into the largest companies in the world. By offering advertisers the option to be shown to potential customers with the use of Google Ads, Google has created one of the most profitable businesses not only for themself, but for the advertisers as well.

The downside of this easily accessible way of advertising is that advertisers have to bid against each other to be displayed and to generate clicks. This has resulted in higher incomes for Google but also higher click prices for advertisers. As a result, the higher click prices make it much more difficult for smaller businesses to be able to compete with other companies. Some of the bigger brands don't even focus on making a profit but are simply ok with growing revenue. If your company is focussed on profit and can't afford millions in losses, competing is going to be a difficult job.

One way to dodge the click price frenzy is to focus on SEO. By generating good content and optimizing your website according to Google guideliness, you can generate targeted traffic through Google’s organic search results. More than 33% of Google searches today end up in an organic click while Google Ads only accounted for less than 2%.


Getting to the top

Getting on the first page of the search results, or better the first position, isn't that easy anymore. Competition is fierce and basic tactics aren't just enough anymore. That is why more and more businesses are keen on getting high quality backlinks. 

Backlinks are one of the most important factors where you can differentiate from the competition. While everyone is following Google’s guidelines on how to optimize your website, for example Google Pagespeed, Quality content, Tags optimization, link building is a specialization and can be hard and especially time consuming.

In the Search Engine Ranking Factors graphic below you can see that 67% of the ranking factors are connected to your link profile:

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SEO and link building are a hot topic nowadays and getting to the top of the search results can make a big difference for your business. By building your online presence, or also called online real estate, you are investing in one of the most profitable investments for businesses.

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