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Get to know Linkvada - a centralized online marketing platform, headquartered in Amsterdam, founded by a veteran marketer and designed to provide simplified solutions for a higher ROI.

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Welcome to Linkvada

At Linkvada, we're passionate about creating streamlined, effective, and high ROI solutions for online marketing. With our headquarters in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, and meeting locations in Miami and Phuket, we cater to a global clientele seeking to optimize their online visibility.

Meet our CEO,
Rinko de Jong

Our CEO, Rinko de Jong, brings over 18 years of comprehensive online marketing experience to Linkvada. Recognizing a gap in the market for a centralized and simplified solution for online marketing, Rinko founded Linkvada with the mission of delivering higher ROI than traditional paid ads. His extensive experience, coupled with his innovative thinking, shapes the ethos of our company and continually drives us to provide superior service.

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Our Vision and Mission

At Linkvada, our vision is to revolutionize the way businesses approach online marketing. We aim to provide an all-encompassing platform for link building, PR, and content marketing, simplifying the complexities that traditionally come with online marketing strategies.

Our mission is to support businesses in optimizing their online visibility, increase organic search rankings, and ultimately achieve higher ROIs. We strive to offer a platform that not only meets the needs of today's digital landscape but anticipates the future trends of the online marketing industry.

Our Global Presence

Linkvada's reach extends across the globe. Although we're headquartered in the vibrant city of Amsterdam, we've also established strategic meeting locations in Miami and Phuket. This global presence enables us to serve a diverse range of clients, understand international markets, and implement successful strategies regardless of geographical boundaries.

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Our Commitment to You

We believe that the success of Linkvada is intimately tied to the success of our clients. As such, our commitment is to provide a platform that enhances your online marketing strategies and helps achieve your business objectives. Our dedicated team of professionals, state-of-the-art tools, and robust service suite are always at your disposal to guide your journey towards increased online visibility and higher ROIs

Join us in revolutionizing your online marketing strategy.

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